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lieutenant junior grade an officer in the U.S. Navy whose rank is above that of ensign and below that of lieutenant.
life the state of being that allows humans and animals to grow and reproduce and that distinguishes them from rocks, minerals, and other nonliving matter. [11 definitions]
life belt a life preserver that fastens around a person's waist like a belt.
lifeblood the blood essential to life. [2 definitions]
lifeboat a ship's boat designed for rapid rescue of persons, or a similar boat used from shore.
life buoy a buoyant ring-shaped device usu. kept on boats, used to keep a person afloat until he or she can be rescued.
life cycle the continuous changes undergone by an organism in its development from its earliest stage until it is able to reproduce. [2 definitions]
life expectancy the statistically predicted length of time that an individual of any species can be expected to live.
life force see "Úlan vital."
life form a living, or once living, organism.
life-giving able to give life; revitalizing; refreshing; inspiring.
lifeguard a person employed to watch over a swimming area and rescue anyone who might be drowning.
life history the history of changes undergone by an organism in the course of its lifetime from conception to death. [3 definitions]
life insurance insurance that guarantees payment of a specific sum to a named beneficiary upon the death of the insured or to a policyholder who reaches a certain specified age.
life jacket a life preserver in the form of a sleeveless vest or jacket; life vest.
lifeless having or appearing to have no life; inanimate; unconscious. [3 definitions]
lifelike closely resembling or simulating real life.
lifeline an anchored line or rope thrown to support a person in danger of drowning or falling. [5 definitions]
lifelong continuing throughout the whole of one's life.
life net a strong net used by firefighters or others to catch people forced to jump from a burning building.
life preserver a buoyant device for keeping a person afloat and preventing drowning, usu. made in the shape of a ring, belt, or jacket.