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liftoff the moment of launching a missile or rocket, or the motion itself.
ligament a band of fibrous tissue that connects bones or supports muscles or organs.
ligand in biochemistry, a molecule that binds to a target biomolecule, usually a protein. [2 definitions]
ligate to tie up or bind (a bleeding artery) with a ligature.
ligature a band or tie used to connect, esp. a surgical stitch. [4 definitions]
light1 electromagnetic radiation, esp. from the sun, that enables one to see objects. [13 definitions]
light2 not heavy, full, intense, or forceful. [9 definitions]
light3 to set down after motion; land after flight. [2 definitions]
light air in meteorology, a wind with a speed of between one and three miles per hour.
light breeze in meteorology, a wind with a speed of between four and seven miles per hour.
light bulb an incandescent electric light, or the bulb-shaped glass housing that encloses its filament.
light-emitting diode see "LED."
lighten1 to become brighter or increasingly light in color. [3 definitions]
lighten2 to reduce the weight of. [6 definitions]
lighten up (informal) to stop taking something so seriously; make oneself less gloomy.
lighter1 a device used to light cigarettes or the like. [2 definitions]
lighter2 a large, usu. unpowered flat-bottomed boat used mainly to transport cargo between a larger ship and shore; barge. [2 definitions]
lighterage the loading, unloading, or transportation of goods by lighter or barge. [2 definitions]
lighter-than-air of or denoting an aircraft that is filled with a gas that is lighter than air.
lightface in printing, a typeface of thin strokes. (Cf. boldface.)
light-fingered skilled at stealing, esp. by picking pockets. [2 definitions]