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linear measure any measurement of length, or measurement of length generally. [2 definitions]
lineation the act of marking or dividing into lines. [3 definitions]
linebacker in football, a defensive player whose usual position is between the defensive linemen and backfield.
line drawing a drawing done completely in lines.
line drive in baseball, a hard-hit ball that travels low, fast, and in a nearly straight line.
line graph a graph that plots the relationship between two variable quantities, represented on horizontal and vertical axes, by connecting their coordinate points with straight lines.
lineman a person who installs or repairs electric power, telephone, or telegraph lines; linesman. [3 definitions]
linen cloth, yarn, or thread made from flax. [3 definitions]
linen closet a closet with shelves used for storing linen, such as sheets, towels, blankets, and the like.
line of battle troops, tanks, ships, and the like positioned to fight.
line of credit a statement by a bank, credit card company, department store, or the like agreeing to extend a certain amount of credit to the person named on the statement. [2 definitions]
line of fire the path of a fired bullet or shell. [2 definitions]
line of force the imaginary line in a field of electrical or magnetic force that indicates the direction taken by that force.
line of scrimmage an imaginary line on a football field, parallel to the goal line, where the ball rests and at which the two teams line up at the start of each play.
line one's pockets to gain profit, esp. by deceitful dealing.
liner1 a commercial ship or airplane, esp. one carrying passengers on a regular route. [3 definitions]
liner2 a protective inner or outer lining or cover, often removable. [2 definitions]
linesman in sports such as tennis and football, an official who assists the referee, as by observing particular violations. [2 definitions]
lineup an arrangement of people or things in a line or row, as for identification or inspection. [4 definitions]
line up to form a line, one person after the other.
-ling one connected with. [3 definitions]