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littoral of or relating to a shore, as of a lake, sea, or ocean. [2 definitions]
liturgical of, relating to, or constituting formal public worship or liturgy. [2 definitions]
liturgy a form of worship for a public church service, usu. including prayers, scripture, songs, and the like. [2 definitions]
livable suitable or acceptable for living in or with; habitable; comfortable. [2 definitions]
live1 to have life or to remain alive; exist in an active state. [10 definitions]
live2 being alive; possessing life. [6 definitions]
-lived having a life of (such) a kind or length.
live high on (or off) the hog (informal) to live in a wealthy or extravagant style or manner.
livelihood means of subsistence.
live load any variable weight added to the intrinsic weight of a structure, such as people in a building or moving traffic on a bridge. (Cf. dead load.)
livelong whole; entire; complete.
lively full of life or vitality. [6 definitions]
liven to make more lively or energetic; rouse; inspirit (often fol. by up). [2 definitions]
live oak any of various evergreen oaks of the southeastern or southwestern United States. [2 definitions]
liver1 a large reddish brown organ in vertebrates that secretes bile and cleanses the blood and is located in the abdominal cavity. [3 definitions]
liver2 someone who lives in a particular, specified manner. [2 definitions]
liver3 comparative of live2.
liveried clothed in livery, as a servant.
liverish similar to liver, esp. in color. [3 definitions]
liver spot a red, black, or yellowish brown spot or area on the skin, formerly thought to be caused by malfunctioning of the liver.
liverwort any of numerous moss-related, flowerless plants that grow in wet places or on tree trunks.