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live wire a wire or other electric conductor that is carrying electric current. [2 definitions]
live with to tolerate; put up with.
livid very angry; full of rage; furious. [3 definitions]
living having life. [10 definitions]
living death a completely miserable and joyless life.
living room a room in a residence, usu. with a couch, armchairs, and the like, used for various social and leisure activities.
living wage a wage that provides enough money for living at minimum acceptable standards.
living will a document directing that all medical life-support systems or treatment that prolong the signer's life be ended in the event of a terminal illness.
livre a money of account and a coinage in France until 1794.
lizard any of numerous reptiles with rough scaly skin, four legs, and a long tapering tail. [2 definitions]
Ljubljana the capital of Slovenia.
llama any of several woolly-haired mammals of South America that are related to but smaller than camels and are sometimes raised for their wool. [2 definitions]
llano a large, open grassy plain, esp. one in Central or South America or southwestern North America.
LL.B. abbreviation of "legum baccalaureus" (Latin); Bachelor of Laws.
LL.D. abbreviation of "legum doctor" (Latin); Doctor of Laws.
lm abbreviation of "lumen," a unit of measure of the flow of light, equal to the flow from a light source of one-candle strength, measured on a unit surface at a unit distance.
lo look; behold (used to call attention or to express surprise or wonder).
loach any of various small, bony, freshwater fishes of Europe and Asia that have barbels around the mouth.
load to put onto or into a ship, train, truck, or other vehicle in order to transport. [17 definitions]
loaded carrying a load, esp. the maximum load. [6 definitions]
load factor the amount or weight of the maximum load a vehicle, airplane, or vessel can carry. [2 definitions]