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LL.D. abbreviation of "legum doctor" (Latin); Doctor of Laws.
lm abbreviation of "lumen," a unit of measure of the flow of light, equal to the flow from a light source of one-candle strength, measured on a unit surface at a unit distance.
lo look; behold (used to call attention or to express surprise or wonder).
loach any of various small, bony, freshwater fishes of Europe and Asia that have barbels around the mouth.
load to put (goods) on a ship, train, truck or other vehicle in order to transport. [14 definitions]
loaded carrying a load, esp. the maximum load. [6 definitions]
load factor the amount or weight of the maximum load a vehicle, airplane, or vessel can carry. [2 definitions]
loading the burdens placed on a person or thing. [2 definitions]
loadstar variant of lodestar.
loadstone variant of lodestone.
loaf1 a usu. oblong or rectangular mass of bread or cake, shaped and baked in that form. [2 definitions]
loaf2 to spend time in a lazy, aimless manner; idle (sometimes fol. by "around"). [2 definitions]
loafer a person who is lazy or idle. [2 definitions]
loam a rich, easily crumbled soil made up of silt, sand, clay, and organic matter. [2 definitions]
loan that which is lent or borrowed. [5 definitions]
loanable combined form of loan.
loaner one who lends something. [2 definitions]
loan shark (informal) one who lends money at unreasonably high and sometimes illegal rates of interest, esp. one who is supported by gangsters; usurer.
loanshift a change or addition in the meaning of a word through the influence of a foreign word. [2 definitions]
loanword a word that one language has adopted from another and at least partly naturalized.
loath extremely reluctant; unwilling.