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Local Area Network a group of computers, such as workstations in a business, connected with each other by their own data communications network that allows sharing of devices and data within a limited area.
local color the distinctive sights, customs, manners, speech, and the like that are characteristic of a particular place or period, either as observed in reality or depicted in literature.
locale a place, esp. as the setting of some event. [2 definitions]
localism a regional custom, curiosity, or manner of speech. [2 definitions]
locality a specific neighborhood, place, or region. [2 definitions]
localize to confine to a particular place. [2 definitions]
locally in a particular place.
local option the right to decide by vote whether something controversial, such as the sale of liquor, shall be allowed in a certain locality.
locate to find the position or place of. [4 definitions]
located existing in a particular place.
location place or position. [3 definitions]
loc. cit. abbreviation of "loco citato" (Latin); in the place cited.
loch in Scotland, a lake, or an arm of the sea that is largely surrounded by land.
Loch Ness monster an unidentified creature or family of plesiosaur-like creatures said to live in Loch Ness, a lake near the city of Inverness in northern Scotland.
loci a plural form of locus.
lock1 a mechanical device for preventing entry through a door or window or into a safe, usu. opened with a key or combination. [10 definitions]
lock2 a curl or portion of hair. [2 definitions]
lockdown the confinement of prisoners to their cells as a temporary security measure. [3 definitions]
locker a chest or cabinet that can be locked. [2 definitions]
locker room a room containing lockers for storing clothes and equipment and often used for changing clothes, as at a gymnasium or pool.
locket a small metal case in which a picture, lock of hair, or other keepsake may be placed, usu. worn on a chain around the neck.