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locket a small metal case in which a picture, lock of hair, or other keepsake may be placed, usu. worn on a chain around the neck.
lockjaw a variety of tetanus in which the muscles of the jaw spasm and clench the jaw closed.
locknut a thin nut screwed over another nut in order to stop it from coming loose. [2 definitions]
lockout the closing of a factory or business by the employer during a labor dispute in order to force employees to change their demands.
lock out to make someone not able to enter a place.
locksmith one who makes or fixes locks.
lock step a way of marching extremely close together and precisely in unison so that marchers' legs do not collide with the legs of those in front of them. [2 definitions]
lockup a jail, esp. one where accused persons are held to await a court appearance. [2 definitions]
lock up to lock all the doors of a place or secure something with a lock.
loco a plant of western North America that is poisonous to livestock; locoweed. [3 definitions]
loco- from place to place.
loco citato (Latin) in the place cited (used to refer to a passage already mentioned). (abbr.: loc. cit.)
loco disease a nervous disease of livestock, caused by locoweed poisoning and involving dullness, clumsiness, and partial paralysis.
locomotion the act of moving or the power to move from one place to another.
locomotive a self-propelled engine, esp. one that pulls or pushes railroad cars. [4 definitions]
locomotor having to do with locomotion.
locomotor ataxia see "tabes dorsalis."
locoweed any of several plants of western and central North America that are poisonous to livestock.
locus a locality or place. [3 definitions]
locus classicus a passage from a classic or authoritative source that is cited to illustrate a point.
locust any of several grasshoppers that migrate in large swarms, damaging crops and other plants in their paths. [5 definitions]