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locoweed any of several plants of western and central North America that are poisonous to livestock.
locus a locality or place. [3 definitions]
locus classicus a passage from a classic or authoritative source that is cited to illustrate a point.
locust any of several grasshoppers that migrate in large swarms, damaging crops and other plants in their paths. [5 definitions]
locution a particular word, phrase, expression, or idiom. [2 definitions]
lode a deposit of a mineral, such as copper ore, that fills a crack in a rock formation. [3 definitions]
loden a thick, fulled, waterproof woolen fabric, usu. olive green and used for coats.
lodestar a star that serves as a guide or reference point, esp. the North Star. [2 definitions]
lodestone a rock that possesses magnetic properties and attracts iron; magnetite. [2 definitions]
lodge a cabin, hut, or other shelter intended for use by skiers, hunters, or the like. [11 definitions]
lodgepole pine a Rocky Mountain pine tree, or the wood of this tree, used in construction.
lodger one who lodges, esp. one who rents a furnished room.
lodging a place to live in, esp. temporarily; dwelling. [2 definitions]
lodgment the act of lodging or condition of being lodged. [3 definitions]
loess a fine-grained chalky soil, usu. yellowish brown or gray, believed to consist of windblown dust.
loft an open space or room just under the roof; attic. [7 definitions]
lofty of great height; high. [3 definitions]
log1 a large, thick piece of a tree trunk or large tree limb, esp. a long piece of trunk ready for sawing. [7 definitions]
log2 logarithm.
loganberry a prickly plant grown for its edible berry. [2 definitions]
logarithm a number that represents the power to which a certain fixed number, or base, must be raised to equal some other given number.