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London broil a piece of beef, often from the flank, that is usu. marinated and broiled, and served in thin slices.
lone without companions; solitary. [3 definitions]
loneliness the feeling of sadness that may be felt when being without the company or caring support of other people or when feeling disconnected from those around one.
lonely sad because of being without companionship; lonesome. [4 definitions]
lonely heart a single person who is looking for companionship or a marriage partner.
lonely-hearts of or relating to single persons who are looking for companions or marriage partners.
loner one who stays alone much of the time, esp. by choice or inclination.
lonesome sad or depressed because of being isolated or without friends or companions. [3 definitions]
lone wolf (informal) a person who chooses to work or live alone; loner.
long1 of relatively great extent in distance or time. [10 definitions]
long2 to yearn or desire (often fol. by "for").
long. abbreviation of "longitude," the angular distance on the earth's surface east or west of the prime meridian at Greenwich, England, measured either in degrees or in hours, minutes, and seconds.
longboat the longest and largest boat carried by a merchant sailing ship.
longbow a large wooden bow, usu. about five to six feet long, used to shoot arrows.
longcloth a fine-quality white cotton fabric, made in long pieces.
long distance nonlocal telephone service.
long division a procedure of dividing one number by another number, in which each step, with its subtraction and its remainder, is written down in full.
long-drawn-out continuing or lasting for a long time; prolonged.
longevity long life. [3 definitions]
long face an unhappy, sad, or discontented facial expression.
longhair (informal) someone with long hair, esp. when hair length symbolizes protest against conventional values. [5 definitions]