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loud of sound, having an elevated volume; easily heard. [6 definitions]
loudmouth someone who talks excessively or loudly, esp. one who boasts or reveals secrets.
loudmouthed talking or tending to talk in a loud voice. [2 definitions]
loudspeaker an electronic apparatus that amplifies and broadcasts sound in one location, such as a room or stadium.
Lou Gehrig's disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
Louis Armstrong influential U.S. jazz trumpet player and singer; born Louis Daniel Armstrong (b.1901--d.1971).
louis d'or a gold coin minted in pre-Revolutionary France; louis. [2 definitions]
Louisiana a southern U.S. state between Mississippi and Texas. (abbr.: LA)
Louisiana Purchase the treaty of 1803 in which the United States purchased from France the territory extending from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains and from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada, or the territory itself.
Louis Pasteur a French chemist and bacteriologist (b.1822--d.1895).
lounge to spend one's time relaxing. [8 definitions]
lounge car a railroad car in which passengers may lounge in comfortable chairs and have refreshments; club car.
loupe a small, high-powered magnifying lens used by jewelers, that is held or worn close to the eye.
lour variant of lower2.
louse any of a large variety of very small, flightless, parasitic insects that live on the bodies of mammals and birds. [3 definitions]
lousewort any of numerous plants of the figwort family bearing clusters of irregular, variously colored flowers.
lousy having many lice, as on the body. [4 definitions]
lout someone who is clumsy, stupid, or unmannered; oaf.
louver any of a set of narrow openings between slanted horizontal slats in a door, window, or shutter. [3 definitions]
Louvre a building in Paris constructed as a royal palace and now a national museum of art.
lovable having a nature that attracts love.