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low water the lowest level reached by a body of water, such as a lake or river in the dry season. [2 definitions]
low-water mark the lowest point reached by a low tide, or the lowest level of a body of water. [2 definitions]
lox1 a variety of smoked salmon.
lox2 liquid oxygen, used esp. to oxidize rocket fuel.
loyal showing steady adherence, service, or faithfulness, as to a government, group, person, ideal, or the like (often fol. by "to").
loyalist someone who is loyal to a government, organization, or leader, esp. in a time of crisis. [2 definitions]
loyalty the condition of being faithful or loyal. [2 definitions]
lozenge a small piece of medicated hard candy, sucked to ease a sore throat or cough.
LP abbreviation of "long-playing (record album)," a phonograph record meant to be played at thirty-three and one third revolutions per minute, or the music or other recorded material contained on it.
LPG abbreviation of "liquefied petroleum gas."
Lr symbol of the chemical element lawrencium.
LSD a powerful hallucinogenic drug, sometimes used in medical studies, as of schizophrenia; lysergic acid dimethylamide; LSD-25.
LSM abbreviation of "landing ship medium."
LST abbreviation of "landing ship, tank," a seagoing military vessel designed during World War II to support amphibious operations, and used primarily to land troops, supplies, vehicles, and heavy equipment onto beaches.
Lt. abbreviation of "Lieutenant."
Ltd. abbreviation of "limited (company)," (chiefly British) a company owned by shareholders who have only limited liability for the company's debts.
Lu symbol of the chemical element lutetium.
Luanda the seaport capital of Angola.
luau an elaborate meal of Hawaiian dishes, often featuring performances of Hawaiian music and dancing.
lubber a clumsy, unskilled, or inexperienced sailor or seaman; landlubber. [2 definitions]
lube (informal) a lubricant. [2 definitions]