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mad money (informal) a bit of money set aside for emergency use or for nonessential or frivolous purchases.
madness a state of insanity. [3 definitions]
Madonna the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, or a statue or painting representing her (usu. prec. by "the").
madras a fine-textured cotton material, usu. with brightly colored checks or plaid.
madre (Spanish) mother.
madrepore a kind of stony coral that forms reefs in tropical seas.
Madrid the capital of Spain.
madrigal a type of song popular in the Renaissance, usu. sung by four to six singers who sing the same words but at different times and usu. with no instrumental accompaniment.
madrilène a consommé made from tomatoes and usu. served jelled and chilled.
madroño an evergreen tree of western North America that has hard wood and smooth reddish bark and bears edible orange berries.
madwoman a woman who is or acts as if she is without reason or sense; lunatic or maniac.
Maeander ancient name of the Menderes River which flows through western Turkey into the Aegean Sea.
maelstrom an exceptionally turbulent or powerful whirlpool. [2 definitions]
maenad (often cap.) in Greek mythology, a woman who takes part in the wild, orgiastic celebrations of Dionysus; bacchante. [2 definitions]
maestoso in a majestic, dignified, and stately manner (used as a musical direction).
maestro someone who is a brilliant or highly respected teacher, composer, or conductor of music. [2 definitions]
Mafia in the United States and elsewhere, a secretive criminal organization whose members are of Sicilian and Italian origin. [2 definitions]
Mafioso a supposed member of the Mafia.
magazine a periodical containing advertisements, photographs, and articles on various topics. [3 definitions]
Magdalene see "Mary Magdalene."
mage a sorcerer or magician; magus.