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Manitoba a Canadian province between Ontario and Saskatchewan.
manitou any of numerous supernatural forces or spirits believed by the Algonquian Indians to be deities of nature, having good or evil powers.
mankind the human race; humanity. [2 definitions]
manless combined form of man.
manlike like a male human being.
manly possessing qualities that are considered to be desirable in or befitting a man; masculine.
man-made made or formed by human beings; not natural.
manna the food miraculously dropped to the Israelites during their exodus from Egypt, according to the account in the Old Testament. [3 definitions]
mannequin a model of the human torso or body used to fit or display clothing; dummy. [2 definitions]
manner way of doing; style. [5 definitions]
mannered having manners of a specified kind. [2 definitions]
mannerism a distinctive and habitual behavioral characteristic. [2 definitions]
mannerless lacking courtesy or politeness; without good manners.
mannerly displaying polite behavior or manners. [2 definitions]
manners polite behavior.
mannikin variant of manikin.
mannish like, suitable to, or resembling a man.
manoeuvre a spelling of "maneuver" used in Canada and Britain. See "maneuver" for more information.
man of God a priest, minister, or rabbi; clergyman. [2 definitions]
man of letters a man whose occupation or avocation is in literature, esp. as a writer, critic, scholar, or translator.
man of the world a man of experience and sophistication.