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Maori a member of a brown-skinned Polynesian people that is native to New Zealand. [3 definitions]
mao tai a strong, transparent liquor from China that is distilled from sorghum, a cereal grass.
Mao Tse-Tung a Chinese Communist leader and chairman of the People's Republic of China from 1949 to 1959 (b.1893--d.1976).
map a representation of a geographic or celestial region, usu. drawn or printed to scale on a flat surface. [3 definitions]
maple any of numerous related deciduous hardwood trees found in temperate zones, cultivated as ornamentals or for their wood or sweet sap. [2 definitions]
maple sugar a sweet, yellowish brown, crystalline substance obtained by fully reducing the syrup made from the sap of maple trees.
maple syrup a sweet, viscous liquid made by reducing the sap from maple trees.
Maputo the seaport capital of Mozambique.
maquette a small model of a planned building, sculpture, or the like.
maquis in the Mediterranean region, a dense growth of trees and shrubs. [2 definitions]
Mar. abbreviation of "March," the third month of the Gregorian calendar year, having thirty-one days.
mar to damage or spoil, esp. on the surface or face, but not severely.
marabou any of several large storks of Africa or the East Indies that have downy feathers under the wings and tail. [3 definitions]
maraca a percussion instrument consisting of a gourd or gourd-shaped rattle filled with dried seeds or pebbles and usu. played in pairs by shaking, esp. to Latin American rhythms.
maraschino a very sweet liqueur or cordial distilled from the juice and crushed pits of a wild cherry.
maraschino cherry a cherry preserved in a sweet red syrup that is flavored with maraschino.
marasmus a gradual wasting away of the body, esp. in babies, usu. caused by an inability to assimilate food.
Marathon a plain in southeastern Greece where the Athenians defeated the Persians in 490 B.C.
marathon a cross-country footrace of 26.2 miles. [3 definitions]
marathoner a person who competes in a footrace of twenty-six miles or any other long-distance test of endurance.
maraud to rove about in search of plunder; make a raid. [2 definitions]