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memorabilia a collection of mementos. [2 definitions]
memorable easily kept in memory; highly impressive or exceptional. [2 definitions]
memorandum a short written reminder. [4 definitions]
memorial a ceremony, custom, or public structure to honor a dead person or past event. [2 definitions]
Memorial Day a U.S. legal holiday to honor deceased soldiers, usu. officially observed on the last Monday in May.
memorialize to honor the memory of, as by an observance or celebration; commemorate. [2 definitions]
memorize to learn thoroughly so as to hold in the memory.
memory the mental power or process of recalling experience from the past. [6 definitions]
memsahib formerly, a title applied to a European woman by servants in colonial India; madam. [2 definitions]
men pl. of man.
menace that which poses a danger or threatens injury or harm; threat. [4 definitions]
ménage people living as a unit; household. [2 definitions]
ménage à trois household of three (French); a household consisting of a married couple and a single person who is the lover of one of the spouses. [2 definitions]
menagerie a collection of usu. wild or exotic animals, or the place where they are exhibited.
menarche the first menstrual cycle of a girl.
mend to repair (something damaged or worn). [4 definitions]
mendable combined form of mend.
mendacious untruthful. [2 definitions]
mendacity a tendency to lie; untruthfulness. [2 definitions]
mendelevium a synthetic radioactive chemical element that has 101 protons in each nucleus. (symbol: Md)
Mendel's laws the basic principles of heredity discovered by Mendel, showing that certain characteristics are inherited separately as units, that cells contain pairs of such unit characters, and that in every individual there is a pair, one from each parent, of determining factors for each unit character.