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menopause the period during which a female ceases to menstruate, usu. occurring in middle age.
menorah a candelabrum or candlestick with seven or nine branches, used in Jewish worship.
mensch human being (German, Yiddish); a kind, reliable, compassionate person.
menses (used with a sing. or pl. verb) the periodic discharge of blood, mucus, and cells built up in the mammalian uterus in preparation to receive an embryo and discarded when fertilization of the egg has not taken place.
Menshevik a member of the Russian Social Democratic party that opposed the more radical Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution. [2 definitions]
men's room a public lavatory or restroom for men and boys.
menstrual of or relating to menstruation or the discharge that occurs during menstruation.
menstruate to periodically discharge blood, mucus, and dead cells from the uterus, as by a female of child-bearing age.
menstruation the usu. periodic process of discharging blood, mucus, and dead cells from the mammalian uterus when the egg is not fertilized. [2 definitions]
mensurable subject to measurement; measurable.
mensural of or relating to measure. [2 definitions]
mensuration the act, process, or method of measuring. [2 definitions]
-ment action; process. [3 definitions]
mental of or pertaining to the operation of the mind. [4 definitions]
mental age an individual's mental ability, measured in terms of the chronological age at which an average person would attain that level of intelligence.
mental health the condition, or degree of health, of one's mind and emotions. [3 definitions]
mental hospital an institution where people with mental illnesses are cared for, given therapy and medical treatment, and sometimes permanently housed, more commonly referred to now as "psychiatric hospital."
mental illness a class of illness that primarily afflicts the mind, thought processes, and emotions rather than the physical body. [3 definitions]
mentality mental power and ability. [2 definitions]
mentally with the mind; in the mind; intellectually. [2 definitions]
mental math mathematical calculations done by thinking alone.