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metempsychosis the transmigration of the soul of a dead person or animal into the living body of another.
metencephalon the anterior part of the embryonic brain that develops into the cerebellum and the pons.
meteor the bright streak or flash seen in the sky made by generally small-sized space debris passing through Earth's atmosphere and burning up due to high friction, often referred to as a shooting star.
meteoric of, pertaining to, or consisting of meteors. [2 definitions]
meteorite a piece of rock originating from asteroids in outer space that has come through Earth's atmosphere and landed on the surface of this planet.
meteorograph an instrument that measures and records several atmospheric or weather conditions at the same time.
meteoroid matter, ranging in mass from a speck to thousands of tons, that travels through outer space and occasionally passes through the earth's atmosphere.
meteorological of or pertaining to the atmosphere, weather, or climate. [2 definitions]
meteorology the science that deals with the earth's atmosphere, climates, and weather.
meteor shower the appearance of numerous meteoroids together, as though from the same source.
-meter measure, or a means or device for measuring.
meter1 the basic unit of length of the metric system, equal to one hundred centimeters or 3.28 feet.
meter2 the rhythmic arrangement of measured units or feet of poetry, or a particular rhythmic arrangement. [3 definitions]
meter3 any of numerous devices designed to automatically register or regulate time, distance, velocity, quantity, or degree. [2 definitions]
meter-kilogram-second of, designating, or pertaining to the system of measurement in which the meter, kilogram, and second are the basic units of length, mass, and time, respectively.
meter maid a woman, usu. a police officer, whose job is to write tickets for parking violations.
meter stick a measuring stick one meter long.
metes and bounds in law, the exact boundaries of a land area, as described in a deed.
meth abbreviation of "methamphetamine"; a white crystalline drug derived from amphetamine that is a strong stimulant of the nervous system.
methadone a synthetic narcotic drug used in the treatment of heroin and morphine addiction and as a painkiller.
methamphetamine a white crystalline drug derived from amphetamine that is a strong stimulant of the nervous system.