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microwaveable combined form of microwave.
microwave oven an oven that cooks or heats food or beverages quickly using high-frequency electromagnetic radiation.
micturate to give off urine from the body; urinate.
mid1 in the middle of (a time period or place).
mid2 amid or among.
mid- middle.
midair any location between very high and low in the air but well off the ground.
Midas in Greek mythology, the king to whom Dionysus gave the power of turning everything he touched into gold. [2 definitions]
midbrain the middle of three brain parts in a vertebrate embryo and the part of the adult brain into which this develops; mesencephalon.
midday the middle part of the day or the time anywhere near or around it. [2 definitions]
midden a refuse heap; dunghill. [2 definitions]
middle in between and equally distant from two or more things, places, or points. [5 definitions]
middle age the period of human life between youth and old age, esp. the years between forty and sixty-five.
middle-aged having to do with the period of human life between youth and old age, or the years between forty and sixty-five.
Middle Ages the period of European history between antiquity and the Renaissance, from 500 A.D. to about 1500 A.D.
Middle America the North American middle class, esp. as typified by the conservative or moderate political and social values of the Midwest. [2 definitions]
middlebrow (informal) a person who is considered to have very conventional or middle-class tastes or interests, and to be anti-intellectual. [2 definitions]
middle C in music, the note on the first ledger line below the treble staff or above the bass staff. [2 definitions]
middle class the social class between the very rich or the aristocracy and lower-class laborers, that includes business people, professionals, farmers, skilled workers, and the like; bourgeoisie.
middle-class of or pertaining to the middle class of a society.
middle ear the central part of the ear, consisting of the eardrum or tympanic membrane and a cavity containing three small bones.