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mid-size a size comparable to medium; neither large nor small, as a car or certain furnishings.
midst1 the middle of a time. [4 definitions]
midst2 amid; among.
midstream the middle or central part of a stream. [2 definitions]
midsummer the middle part of summer. [2 definitions]
Midsummer Day the June 24th celebration of the birth of John the Baptist.
midterm the middle of a school semester or term of office. [2 definitions]
midterm election in the U.S., an election typically featuring candidates for Congress, state legislatures, and state governors that occurs during an even-numbered year that is not a year during which a presidential election is held.
midtown a central area of a city between downtown and uptown.
mid-Victorian pertaining to, characteristic of, or taking place during the middle period of Queen Victoria's reign in Great Britain. [3 definitions]
midway halfway between two points. [2 definitions]
midweek the middle part of the week. [2 definitions]
Midwest the north central flatlands of the United States from the Rocky Mountains through Ohio, Kansas, and Missouri; Middle West.
Midwestern characteristic of, pertaining to, or in the Middle West region of the United States.
midwife a person who is trained to assist women during childbirth.
midwifery the practice or technique of being a midwife.
midwinter the middle part of winter. [2 definitions]
midyear the middle part of a fiscal, academic, or calendar year. [3 definitions]
mien one's manner or bearing.
miff a state of sulky bad humor; pique. [3 definitions]
miffed annoyed; offended.