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minelayer a naval vessel designed to lay explosive underwater mines.
miner a person employed to extract coal or other minerals from a mine.
mineral any of various inorganic natural substances, usu. having crystalline structures and a characteristic hardness. [3 definitions]
mineralize to change into a mineral; petrify. [4 definitions]
mineralogist one who specializes in mineralogy.
mineralogy the scientific study of minerals and their properties.
mineral oil an oil derived from petroleum, used in cosmetics and as a laxative. [2 definitions]
mineral water water filled with mineral salts or gases.
mineral wool a wool-like material made of molten rock, slag, or glass, and used as insulation.
Minerva in Roman mythology, the goddess of wisdom, art, and invention; Athena.
minestrone a thick soup made with vegetables, beans, pasta, and often meat.
minesweeper a naval vessel used for destroying, removing, or deactivating underwater enemy mines.
Ming the Chinese dynasty of 1368-1644 known for its scholarly and artistic achievements, esp. in textiles, painting, and porcelains.
mingle to associate or socialize with other people. [4 definitions]
mini a very short skirt; miniskirt. [2 definitions]
mini- very small; reduced in size, length, or duration.
miniature a very small copy or reproduction of something. [6 definitions]
miniature golf a scaled-down version of golf played on a small, usu. carpeted course featuring different obstacles through which one must putt the ball.
miniaturize to make extremely compact or small, esp. in order to reduce volume or weight, or increase efficiency in other ways. [2 definitions]
minibike a small, lightweight motorcycle that has a low frame, elevated handlebars, and accommodates only one passenger.
minibus a small bus, usu. with seats for up to twelve passengers.