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Minos in Greek mythology, king of Crete who imprisoned Daedalus and Daedalus's son Icarus.
Minotaur in Greek mythology, a monster that is half bull and half man, confined in the Cretan Labyrinth.
Minsk the capital of Belarus.
minstrel a medieval musician who traveled from place to place, singing songs and reciting verses. [3 definitions]
minstrel show a comic variety show performed by a troupe of actors in blackface.
minstrelsy the work or art of a minstrel. [3 definitions]
mint1 any of a variety of aromatic plants often cultivated as a source of fragrant oils for flavorings such as peppermint or spearmint. [2 definitions]
mint2 a factory or plant where money is produced under the authority of the government. [5 definitions]
mintage the act or process of coining money. [4 definitions]
mint jelly a jelly with mint flavoring, usu. served with lamb.
mint julep a tall, frosted alcoholic beverage made with bourbon or brandy, sugar, ice, and mint.
minuend in arithmetic, a number from which another number is subtracted. (Cf. subtrahend.)
minuet a slow, graceful dance in three-quarter time, popular in Europe and America in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. [2 definitions]
minus made less by the subtraction of. [7 definitions]
minuscule so small as to be almost negligible; tiny. [4 definitions]
minus sign One action we do with numbers is to subtract one number from another number. An example of multiplying is "five minus three equals two." When we write this in numbers, we use something called a minus sign (-) between the first two numbers: 5 - 3. The minus sign tells us that what is going to happen with these two numbers is subtracting. Three is going to be taken away from five.
minute1 a unit of time equal to sixty seconds or one sixtieth of an hour. (abbr.: min.) [6 definitions]
minute2 extremely small in size, amount, or degree; tiny. [2 definitions]
minute hand the longer hand on a watch or a clock, which moves around the entire face once an hour and indicates minutes.
minutely occurring on a small or minute scale, or in fine detail.
minuteman an American militiaman of the Revolutionary War period who was ready to fight on a moment's notice.