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Möbius strip a one-sided surface formed by twisting a rectangular strip one hundred and eighty degrees and connecting its two ends together.
mobocracy political rule or domination by a mob.
mobster (informal) one who belongs to a mob or criminal gang; gangster.
Moby Dick the white whale in Herman Melville's mid-nineteenth-century novel of the same name.
moccasin a soft leather shoe or slipper without a hard sole or a heel, made originally by American Indians. [3 definitions]
moccasin flower any of several orchids of North America, esp. the lady's-slipper.
mocha a high-quality Arabian coffee. [4 definitions]
mock to express scorn or contempt for; ridicule; deride. [10 definitions]
mock chicken pork, veal, or other meat that has been minced, molded, breaded, and braised to resemble a cooked chicken leg; city chicken.
mockery contempt, derision, or ridicule, or an instance of this. [4 definitions]
mock-heroic imitating or lampooning that which is heroic. [3 definitions]
mockingbird any of several gray and white North American songbirds known esp. for their varied songs, which include imitations of the songs of other birds.
mock orange any of various shrubs bearing fragrant white flowers that resemble those of the orange.
mock turtle soup a clear soup made from calf's head or veal, and seasoned to taste like green turtle soup.
mockup a model, often full-sized, built for display, study, or testing.
mod stylishly modern, esp. as regards dress. [3 definitions]
modal of or concerning mode, mood, or form. [5 definitions]
modal auxiliary an auxiliary verb, such as "can," "may," "must," or "should," that is used to modify the meaning of a main verb by including such notions as necessity, possibility, certainty, capability, advisability, potential, and expectation.
modality the state or condition of being modal. [4 definitions]
mode1 a manner, method, or form of doing, acting, speaking, living, or the like. [4 definitions]
mode2 a contemporary, popular, or customary style or fashion, as of clothing or behavior.