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moiré of fabric, esp. silk, having a wavelike or watery pattern. [3 definitions]
moist slightly or somewhat wet. [4 definitions]
moisten to make or become slightly wet; dampen.
moisture a small amount of diffused or condensed liquid, esp. water, felt as vapor in the air or as dampness on surfaces.
moisturize to add or restore moisture to (the skin), as with lotion.
moisturizer a cosmetic lotion or cream.
Mojave variant of Mohave.
Mojave Desert a desert region of southern California.
mol variant of mole4.
molar1 a large tooth with a broad biting surface, used for grinding food and located in the back of the mouth behind the premolars. [2 definitions]
molar2 in physics, of or relating to a mass of matter as a whole, rather than to molecules or atoms. [2 definitions]
molasses a thick dark brown syrup produced from sorghum or as a by-product when sugar is refined.
mold1 a hollow form used to give a particular shape to a soft or molten substance that is poured into it and allowed to harden. [10 definitions]
mold2 a surface growth of fungus, often fuzzy or downy, that forms on stale, damp, or decaying matter. [4 definitions]
mold3 a loose rich soil that contains much decayed organic matter.
moldboard a curved metal plate on a plow that turns over the soil. [3 definitions]
molder1 to turn gradually to dust; crumble; decay. [2 definitions]
molder2 one who molds or makes molds.
molding the act or process of shaping or forming something. [3 definitions]
Moldova a country of East Europe bordered by Romania and Ukraine; formerly a republic of the Soviet Union.
moldy of, containing, or covered with mold. [2 definitions]