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Mojave Desert a desert region of southern California.
mol variant of mole4.
molar1 a large tooth with a broad biting surface, used for grinding food and located in the back of the mouth behind the premolars. [2 definitions]
molar2 in physics, of or relating to a mass of matter as a whole, rather than to molecules or atoms. [2 definitions]
molasses a thick dark brown syrup produced from sorghum or as a by-product when sugar is refined.
mold1 a hollow form used to give a particular shape to a soft or molten substance that is poured into it and allowed to harden. [10 definitions]
mold2 a surface growth of fungus, often fuzzy or downy, that forms on stale, damp, or decaying matter. [4 definitions]
mold3 a loose rich soil that contains much decayed organic matter.
moldboard a curved metal plate on a plow that turns over the soil. [3 definitions]
molder1 to turn gradually to dust; crumble; decay. [2 definitions]
molder2 one who molds or makes molds.
molding the act or process of shaping or forming something. [3 definitions]
Moldova a country of East Europe bordered by Romania and Ukraine; formerly a republic of the Soviet Union.
moldy of, containing, or covered with mold. [2 definitions]
mole2 a small permanent spot or blemish on the skin, usu. brown and sometimes slightly raised and hairy.
mole3 any of various small, insect-eating mammals that have very small eyes, soft light brown to dark gray fur, and strong forefeet, and that usu. tunnel or burrow underground. [2 definitions]
mole4 a massive stone or concrete structure serving as a pier or breakwater. [2 definitions]
mole5 the quantity of a substance that has a weight, measured in grams, that is numerically equal to the molecular weight of that substance.
mole6 a tumor or mass in the uterus, resulting from an ovum that degenerates or does not develop normally.
mole1 any of the thick spicy sauces of Mexican origin having a base of unsweetened chocolate and chile peppers.
molecular concerning, caused by, or consisting of molecules.