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molehill a small heap or ridge of loose soil made by a burrowing mole. [2 definitions]
moleskin the short soft usu. deep gray fur of the mole. [3 definitions]
molest to annoy, disturb, or attack. [2 definitions]
moll (slang) a woman who accompanies a gangster or gunman; gun moll.
mollify to ease or soothe the anger or emotion of; make calmer; appease. [3 definitions]
mollusk any of a large phylum of mostly marine invertebrates, including snails, clams, squid, and octopuses, that have soft unsegmented bodies usu. covered by a shell.
molly any of various brightly colored, freshwater fishes, often kept in aquariums.
mollycoddle to overprotect or pamper; coddle.
Moloch a deity in the Old Testament, esp. the pagan god of the Ammonites and Phoenicians to whom child sacrifices were offered. [2 definitions]
Molotov cocktail a homemade explosive device consisting of a bottle containing a flammable liquid and a rag wick that is ignited, the bottle then being hurled like a grenade.
molt to shed or cast off an outer layer, such as skin, feathers, fur, or horns, as part of a periodic process of renewal. [4 definitions]
molten made liquid, esp. by extreme heat, as metal or rock; melted. [3 definitions]
molto much; very (used in musical directions).
molybdenite a soft gray mineral resembling graphite that is the principal ore of molybdenum.
molybdenum a chemical element that has forty-two protons in each nucleus and that occurs as a very hard, dense, silver-white solid metal that is often alloyed with other metals, esp. iron, to increase their hardness. (symbol: Mo)
mom (informal) mother.
mom and pop store (informal) a small store or business, usu. owned and run by family members.
moment a very brief, indefinite amount of time. [4 definitions]
momentarily for a moment. [2 definitions]
momentary lasting only a moment. [2 definitions]
momently from moment to moment. [3 definitions]