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Mongoloid (outdated; no longer in scientific use) of, pertaining to, or characteristic of members of a human racial group originating in eastern Asia and parts of North America, generally characterized by an epicanthic fold in the eyelid, dark eyes, and straight, dark hair. [3 definitions]
mongoose one of a variety of ferretlike carnivorous mammals of Asia renowned for the ability to kill venomous snakes.
mongrel a plant or animal, esp. a dog, arising from the mixing of two or more different species, varieties, or breeds. [3 definitions]
'mongst contracted form of "amongst".
monied variant of moneyed.
monies a plural form of money.
moniker a familiar name, esp. a nickname or alias, that is given to a person or thing.
monism the philosophy that reality consists of a single or unified basic substance, principle, or element. (Cf. dualism, pluralism.) [2 definitions]
monition a warning or caution. [2 definitions]
monitor a device for observing or recording continuous data about the function, operation, or condition of something, esp. a device that gives warning of an abnormal or potentially dangerous condition. [11 definitions]
monitor lizard see "monitor."
monitory serving to warn, caution, or admonish. [2 definitions]
monk a man who has joined a religious order, having taken a vow to be sequestered from the world for a life of austerity and chastity.
monkey a small, furry, intelligent mammal that is one of the primates but is distinguished from humans, apes, and lemurs. Most types of monkeys have tails. [3 definitions]
monkey around (informal) to behave in a playful but purposeless or irresponsible way.
monkey bars any of numerous arrangements of horizontal and vertical bars, used as playground equipment for children to climb on, swing from, and the like; jungle gym.
monkey business (informal) mischievous, frivolous, or foolish behavior. [2 definitions]
monkey on one's back (slang) a difficult burden, such as a drug addiction.
monkeyshine (informal; usu. pl.) a playful, teasing, or mischievous prank or trick.
monkey wrench a wrench with one movable jaw that can be adjusted with a screw to fit nuts of various sizes.
monk's cloth a heavy cotton fabric in a basket weave, used esp. for bedspreads and curtains.