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Moonie (informal) a follower of the Korean evangelist Sun Myung Moon, founder of the Unification Church in the United States.
moonish not steady or reliable; capricious; fickle.
moonless combined form of moon.
moonlight the light of the moon. [4 definitions]
moonlighting working at a second job, often at night, in addition to one's regular, full-time job.
moonlit illuminated by the light of the moon.
moonquake a seismic tremor on the surface of the moon.
moonrise the appearance of the moon above the earth's horizon, or the time at which this occurs.
moonscape the surface of the moon or any representation of it. [2 definitions]
moonset the dropping of the moon below the earth's horizon, or the time at which this occurs.
moonshine (informal) alcoholic beverages that are illicitly produced, esp. corn whiskey. [3 definitions]
moonshiner (informal) a person who makes and sells illegally distilled alcoholic liquor, such as corn whiskey.
moonshot the launching of a spacecraft to the moon.
moonstone an opalescent variety of feldspar, used as a gem. [2 definitions]
moonstruck thought to be adversely affected by the moon's influence, as with lunacy, distraction, or romantic passion.
moonwalk the walking undertaken by an astronaut on the surface of the moon. [2 definitions]
moony absent-minded; distracted; dreamy.
Moor a member of a mixed Arab and Berber Muslim people now living largely in northwestern Africa. [3 definitions]
moor1 an area of open, rolling, poorly drained land supporting heather and other acid-loving plants.
moor2 to anchor (a ship, balloon, or other vessel) with cables or lines. [4 definitions]
moorhen a common wading bird that typically inhabits marshes; common gallinule.