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mucous producing, secreting, or containing mucus. [2 definitions]
mucous membrane a lubricating membrane that lines various surfaces or organs, as of the respiratory, digestive, and genitourinary tracts.
mucus a viscid substance that is secreted by the lubricating membrane that lines bodily passages and organs, and that acts as a moist, protective coating of their walls.
mud earth that has been turned soft and sticky by wetting, as by rain. [2 definitions]
mud dauber any of various wasps that build cells of mud for their larvae.
mudder a racehorse that runs well on a muddy track.
muddle to cause confusion or disorder in; mix up or jumble. [6 definitions]
muddle-headed mentally confused.
muddler a person who does things in a confused, disorganized manner. [2 definitions]
muddle through to accomplish a purpose or achieve a goal despite lack of knowledge or organization.
muddy covered or smeared with, or having abundant, mud. [6 definitions]
mudfish any of various fishes, such as the bowfin, inhabiting mud or muddy water.
mud flat a tract of land that is covered at high tide and exposed at low tide.
mudflow a large, usu. downward flow of wet earth.
mudguard a shield or flap over the wheel of a vehicle to deflect mud and stones thrown by the wheel's motion. [2 definitions]
mud hen any of various birds, such as the rail or coot, inhabiting marshes or wetlands.
mud hut a simple dwelling made of mud.
mudpack a mixture of fuller's earth, astringents, and water, applied to the face for cosmetic purposes.
mud puppy any of several large aquatic salamanders of eastern North America, that have conspicuous external gills.
mudra any of numerous body gestures used to tell a story, esp. in Indian classical dance.
mudroom a room in a house, esp. a farmhouse, that is used for the removal and storage of wet and muddy footwear and outerwear.