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mulct a fine, tax, or penalty. [3 definitions]
mule1 the sterile, hybrid offspring of a male donkey and a female horse. [3 definitions]
mule2 a house slipper for women, with a raised heel but no back.
mule deer a long-eared deer of western North America.
muleskinner (informal) one who drives mules; muleteer.
muleta in bullfighting, a short red cape used by a matador to guide the bull just before the kill.
muleteer one who drives mules; muleskinner.
mulish like a mule in stubbornness, balkiness, or obstinacy.
mull1 to think something over; ponder. [2 definitions]
mull2 to heat (cider, wine, or ale) with added spices and sometimes sweetening.
mullah a Muslim religious teacher and sage (used as a title of respect).
mullein a weed that has coarse leaves covered by a thick, wooly down and bears spikes of densely clustered yellow flowers. [2 definitions]
mullet any of several related food fish of both salt and fresh water in tropical and temperate zones, with a usu. gray, nearly cylindrical body.
mulligan in golf, another drive off the first tee, granted by one's partners after a poor first drive.
mulligan stew a stew made of odd bits of meat and vegetables.
mulligatawny a highly spiced meat soup, often made with chicken stock and flavored with curry.
mullion a vertical divider, such as a strip between panes or sections of a window, wall panels, or the like.
multangular having many or multiple angles, as certain bones of the wrist.
multi- more than two; many. [2 definitions]
multiage combined form of age.
multiagency combined form of agency.