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multinucleated combined form of nucleated.
multiorgasmic combined form of orgasmic.
multiparameter combined form of parameter.
multiparous producing more than one offspring at a time.
multipart combined form of part.
multiparticle combined form of particle.
multipartite having many parts or segments. [2 definitions]
multiparty combined form of party.
multiparty democracy a system of government in which three or more major political parties participate in the electoral process.
multipath combined form of path.
multiphase having several phases or stages; multiphasic.
multiphasic having several phases or stages.
multiphoton combined form of photon.
multipicture combined form of picture.
multipiece combined form of piece.
multipiston combined form of piston.
multiplant combined form of plant.
multiplayer combined form of player.
multiple having or composed of more than one element; many. [2 definitions]
multiple-choice listing several possible answers from which the correct one is to be chosen, as a question on an examination or an examination made of such questions.
multiple sclerosis a degenerative disease of the nervous system in which nerve cells of the brain or spinal cord lose their myelin sheaths, resulting in hardening of the neural tissue, speech difficulties, and loss of muscular coordination.