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musique concrète (French) tape-recorded sounds that are arranged in various combinations, sequences, and rhythmic patterns to create an artistic work.
musk a strong-smelling secretion produced in a glandular sac underneath the skin of the male musk deer's abdomen. [3 definitions]
musk deer a small, hornless Asian deer, the male of which secretes musk.
muskeg a swamp or bog in which there are many layers of decaying matter, often covered with sphagnum moss.
muskellunge a very large North American freshwater game fish of the pike family.
musket a heavy, large-calibre gun with a long barrel, carried on the shoulder and loaded through the muzzle, used from the sixteenth century until the eighteenth.
musketeer formerly, a soldier armed with a musket.
musketry the technique of firing small arms and concentrating such fire on specified military targets. [2 definitions]
muskmelon any of a variety of edible melons, usu. round or oblong in shape, with juicy flesh ranging from almost white to light orange or green in color.
Muskogean a family of Indian languages of the southeastern United States.
musk ox a large arctic ox with long coarse hair, curved horns, and musk glands.
muskrat a large North American rodent that lives in and near water and has a long, scaly tail, webbed hind feet, and a musky odor. [2 definitions]
musk rose a rose of the Mediterranean region, bearing white, musk-scented flowers.
musk turtle any of a family of small aquatic turtles having a heavy, musky scent.
musky1 smelling of or resembling musk.
musky2 a muskellunge.
Muslim of or pertaining to the religion, culture, or civilization of Islam. [3 definitions]
muslin any of various sturdy cotton fabrics, usu. of plain weave, used for sheets, clothing, and the like.
muss (informal) a disorderly, confused condition; mess. [2 definitions]
mussel any of several bivalve mollusks that live in salt or fresh water.
Mussulman see Muslim.