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musty smelling or tasting of mold. [2 definitions]
mutable able or likely to change. [2 definitions]
mutagen an agent or substance such as radiation that is capable of increasing the frequency of mutation.
mutant an organism that differs from its parents as a result of mutation.
mutate to display or cause to display a physical trait or characteristic that is different from one's parent or parents as a result of a change within a gene or chromosome.
mutation a sudden, apparently abnormal change or alteration in a genetically determined structure, as opposed to gradual evolutionary change. [3 definitions]
mutatis mutandis (Latin) all required changes of substance or wording having been made.
mute not speaking or uttering sound; silent. [9 definitions]
mutilate to sever or destroy a limb or other essential part of (a person or animal). [2 definitions]
mutineer one who engages in open rebellion against constituted authority, esp. against one's military superior.
mutinous concerning, inclined to, or engaged in a mutiny. [2 definitions]
mutiny open rebellion of subordinates against their established leaders, esp. of military personnel against their superior officers. [2 definitions]
mutism the physical or psychological inability or refusal to speak.
mutt a dog of mixed or unknown breed; mongrel.
mutter to speak unclearly in a low tone; mumble; murmur. [4 definitions]
mutton the meat of a mature sheep, as distinguished from lamb.
muttonchops side whiskers on either side of a clean-shaven chin, that are rounded and broad at the lower jaw and narrow at the temple.
mutual felt, experienced, or possessed equally by each for the other or others, as among two or more persons. [4 definitions]
mutual fund a fund managed by an investment company that raises money from shareholders and invests it in stocks, bonds, options, and the like.
mutual savings bank a savings bank that distributes its net earnings to its depositors and has no capital.
muumuu a long, loose-fitting dress having a bright color or pattern.