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myrtle any of several shrubs, esp. one found in the Mediterranean region and western Asia, that have evergreen leaves and bear pink or white flowers and aromatic, dark blue berries. [2 definitions]
myself used to emphasize me or I. [3 definitions]
mysterious full of, pertaining to, or characterized by mystery. [2 definitions]
mystery an unknown, unexplainable, or secret matter. [4 definitions]
mystery play a medieval representation, in dramatic form, of a Biblical event, esp. the life, death, or resurrection of Jesus Christ. (Cf. miracle play, morality play.)
mystic having hidden or spiritually symbolic meaning. [5 definitions]
mystical mystic. [3 definitions]
mysticism the beliefs held by mystics. [3 definitions]
mystify to cause puzzlement in, often with intent to deceive; bewilder; perplex.
mystique an aura of mystery, power, or distinction that surrounds a particular person, thing, or activity.
myth a story or body of stories based on tradition or legend, originating in the oral history of a preliterate society and incorporating its beliefs about the origins of the world, the causes of natural events, and the origins of the society's customs and practices. [4 definitions]
mythical concerning, involving, resembling, or portrayed in a myth or myths. [2 definitions]
mythicize to treat or explain as, or turn into, a myth.
mythmaker one who creates a myth or myths, usu. to serve the needs of a particular situation.
mythological of, concerning, or appearing in myths or mythology. [2 definitions]
mythologize to relate or create a myth or myths. [3 definitions]
mythology a body of myths particular to one society, event, or subject, or all myths collectively. [2 definitions]
mythomania in psychiatry, an abnormal compulsion to exaggerate or lie.
mythos the complex of beliefs and attitudes, or patterns of meaning, that are characteristic of a given group, society, or culture.
N1 symbol of the chemical element nitrogen.
N2 abbreviation of "north."