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nail file a small flat pointed file for cleaning, shaping, and smoothing the fingernails.
nailhead the enlarged surface of one end of a nail, usu. flat but sometimes rounded. [2 definitions]
nail polish a clear or colored lacquer applied to fingernails and toenails.
nail set a short metal rod used to drive a nailhead level with or below a wood surface.
nail varnish (chiefly British) a clear or colored lacquer applied to fingernails and toenails; nail polish.
nainsook a thin, soft cotton fabric, used for underclothes and infant clothing.
naira the chief monetary unit of Nigeria, equaling one hundred kobo.
Nairobi the capital of Kenya.
naive simple, natural, and unsophisticated; lacking in suspicion. [2 definitions]
naiveté the quality of being naive. [2 definitions]
naked uncovered or unclothed; bare or nude. [5 definitions]
naltrexone a drug that reduces the desire for opioids or alcohol in addicted persons.
namby-pamby shallow and without conviction; insipid. [3 definitions]
name a word or group of words used to identify something or someone. [9 definitions]
nameable capable of being named or discussed.
name brand a product bearing a well-known trademark. [2 definitions]
name-calling the use of disparaging or abusive names to attack a person or group.
name day the feast day of a saint for whom one is named. [2 definitions]
name-dropper a person who tries to impress others by mentioning the names of important or famous people in a familiar way.
nameless without any name. [4 definitions]
namely that is to say.