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natural gas a mixture of hydrocarbon gases occurring naturally in the earth's crust, usu. with petroleum deposits, that is used chiefly for fuel.
natural history the study of botany, zoology, geology, and other sciences that deal with objects in nature or the physical world.
naturalism in literature, a method of depicting life that reflects a philosophy of determinism. [3 definitions]
naturalist a person who has expertise in or is devoted to the study of the natural sciences, esp. botany and zoology. [2 definitions]
naturalistic exhibiting or pertaining to naturalism. [2 definitions]
naturalization the act, on the part of a government, of granting full citizenship to a foreign-born person. [2 definitions]
naturalize to confer citizenship on. [4 definitions]
natural law a law or body of laws considered to be inherent in nature, right reason, or religion, and believed to be morally binding on human actions. [2 definitions]
naturally in accordance with nature and not through a man-made process. [4 definitions]
natural number any positive integer or zero.
natural philosophy see "natural science." [2 definitions]
natural resource a source of economic wealth and prosperity that derives from nature, such as fresh water, mineral deposits, timber, wildlife, and park land.
natural rights basic rights, such as life and liberty, that are considered inherent rights of all human beings.
natural science the branches of science that deal with objective, measurable phenomena as observed in nature, such as biology and chemistry.
natural selection a natural process of evolution in which the organisms that are best adapted to their environment survive and are able to reproduce, while those that are weak leave fewer or no offspring. (See survival of the fittest).
nature the essential character or quality of a person or thing. [9 definitions]
-natured having or showing (such) a nature, character, or temperament.
nature preserve an area set aside for the protection and propagation of fish, animals, or plant life.
naturist one who appreciates the delights of nature.
naturopathy a method of treating illness without drugs, relying on massage, sunlight, proper food, and the like.
Naugahyde trademark for a strong vinyl-coated fabric imitative of leather, used for furniture, luggage, and the like.