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nephrectomy surgical removal of one or both kidneys.
nephridium the excretory organ found in many invertebrates. [2 definitions]
nephrite a compact mineral that is a variety of jade and that varies in color from whitish to dark green.
nephritis inflammation of the kidneys.
nephro- kidney.
nephrology the branch of medicine that deals with the kidneys.
nephropathy any disease of the kidney.
ne plus ultra (Latin) the highest point, esp. of achievement or excellence; ultimate.
nepotism favoritism shown to a near relative, as in preferential hiring or patronage.
Neptune in Roman mythology, the god of the sea; Poseidon. [2 definitions]
neptunium a synthetic radioactive chemical element of the actinide series that contains ninety-three protons in each nucleus. (symbol: Np)
nerd (slang) a person regarded as dull, unattractive, inept, or the like.
Nereid (sometimes l.c.) in Greek mythology, a sea nymph. [2 definitions]
Nero a Roman emperor (37-68 A.D.).
nervation a system of veins, or veins collectively; venation.
nerve any of numerous bundles of fibers forming a system that carries stimuli and impulses to and from the brain and other parts of the body. [6 definitions]
nerve block a local anesthetic that works by temporarily deadening a particular nerve, usu. administered by injection into or next to the nerve.
nerve cell a neuron.
nerve center a group of closely connected nerve cells that performs a particular function. [2 definitions]
nerve gas any poisonous gas that attacks the nervous system.
nerve impulse an electrochemical signal that moves along a stimulated nerve fiber.