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nerve center a group of closely connected nerve cells that performs a particular function. [2 definitions]
nerve gas any poisonous gas that attacks the nervous system.
nerve impulse an electrochemical signal that moves along a stimulated nerve fiber.
nerveless capable of maintaining one's composure in trying or dangerous situations. [2 definitions]
nerve-racking inflicting great strain or irritation on one's patience, courage, or the like.
nervous of or concerning the nerves. [4 definitions]
nervous breakdown a severe neurotic or psychotic crisis impairing an individual's ability to function normally.
nervous system the system of nerves and nerve centers in most multicellular animals.
nervure a vein, as in a leaf or insect wing, that forms a support for the structure in which it lies.
nervy (informal) rudely presumptuous; impertinent; brazen. [2 definitions]
nescience absence of knowledge; ignorance. [2 definitions]
-ness condition; quality; degree. [2 definitions]
nest a structure used by a bird to lay eggs and rear young, often constructed on a tree, in high grass, or in a cavity using twigs, fibers, and the like. [11 definitions]
n'est-ce pas (French) isn't that so?; right?
nest egg a sum of money put away for future use. [2 definitions]
nestle to lie close or curled up, as for warmth or affection. [3 definitions]
nestling a young bird still confined to the nest. (Cf. fledgling.)
net1 a meshlike fabric made of cotton, silk, or other material that is woven or tied together in knots. [6 definitions]
net2 available after expenses and deductions have been subtracted. [5 definitions]
nether of or pertaining to death or hell. [2 definitions]
Netherlands (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a European country on the North Sea between Belgium and Germany (prec. by "the").