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NGO abbreviation of "nongovernmental organization."
ngultrum the chief monetary unit of Bhutan, equaling one hundred chetrums.
ngwee the smaller monetary unit of Zambia. (Cf. kwacha.)
NH abbreviation of "New Hampshire," a New England state between Vermont and Maine.
NHS abbreviation of "National Health Service," the British health service, largely financed by taxation, that provides free or inexpensive medical treatment for patients.
Ni symbol of the chemical element nickel.
niacin a compound found in many foods, esp. meat, milk, and legumes, considered part of the vitamin B complex.
Niamey the capital of Niger.
nib the point of a pen. [2 definitions]
nibble to take small bites of a food with one's teeth. [8 definitions]
Nibelung in Germanic mythology, any of the dwarfs who had a magic ring and gold, which were taken from them by Siegfried. [2 definitions]
Nicaragua a Central American country between Honduras and Costa Rica.
Niccolò Machiavelli an Italian statesman and author, whose most well-known work is associated with the philosophy that "the ends justify the means" (b.1469--d.1527).
nice agreeable; attractive; appealing. [6 definitions]
Nicene council either of two church councils, one in the fourth century and one in the eighth century, that convened in Nicaea to establish or modify church doctrine.
Nicene Creed a formal statement of the basic doctrines of Christianity, first adopted at a church council in Nicaea in 325 A.D. and later expanded to forms generally accepted by western Christianity.
nicety a subtle distinction; fine point.
niche a crevice or recessed area, esp. an ornamental one set in a wall to hold a statue, urn, or the like. [4 definitions]
nick a shallow cut, notch, or chip in a surface. [6 definitions]
nickel a chemical element that has twenty-eight protons in each nucleus and that occurs in pure form as a dense, hard, but malleable silver-white solid metal, used in alloys such as stainless steel and as a catalyst for various chemical reactions. (symbol: Ni). [4 definitions]
nickelodeon an early type of jukebox. [2 definitions]