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night crawler any of various large earthworms that surface at night and are commonly used as bait by fishermen.
nightdress a nightgown, or nightclothes.
nightfall the time when day ends and night begins.
nightgown a long loose garment worn in bed, esp. by girls and women.
nighthawk any of several long-winged birds related to the whippoorwill that fly mostly at night and catch insects in the air.
nightie (informal) a nightgown.
nightingale any of several European thrushes that are noted for melodious singing.
nightjar any of various nocturnal birds of the goatsucker family, esp. the common European one.
night latch a door lock that can be opened by a knob from the inside but that requires a key to open it from the outside.
nightless combined form of night.
night letter a telegram sent overnight, at a lower rate than usual, for delivery the next day.
nightlife entertainment and social activities available or carried on at night.
night-light a small dim light kept on all night, as near a stairway or in a child's bedroom.
nightlong lasting throughout the night. [2 definitions]
nightly happening, existing, or done at night. [4 definitions]
nightmare a terrifying or distressing dream. [2 definitions]
night owl (informal) a person who habitually stays up late at night.
nightrider a member of a band of mounted, often masked men who committed acts of violence and intimidation, esp. in the southern United States after the Civil War.
nights during the night on a regular basis.
night school a school or classes held in the evening, esp. for students who cannot attend during the day.
nightshade any of several wild plants, often berry-bearing vines, some of whose berries are highly poisonous.