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nip in the bud to prevent (something) from developing, growing, or being realized.
nipper something or someone that nips. [2 definitions]
nipple the projection at the center of a mammal's breast that, in the female, contains the outlets from the milk glands; teat. [3 definitions]
Nippon see "Japan."
nippy sharply cold; frosty. [2 definitions]
nirvana (often cap.) in Buddhism or Hinduism, a state of blissful peace and harmony beyond the sufferings and passions of individual existence; state of oneness with eternal spirit. [2 definitions]
Nisan the seventh month of the Jewish lunisolar calendar, occurring from late March through early April in the Gregorian calendar.
Nisei (sometimes l.c.) an offspring of Japanese immigrant parents who is raised and educated in the United States or Canada. (See Issei, Kibei, Sansei.)
nit the egg or young of a louse or other parasitic insect.
niter a whitish salt, potassium nitrate or sodium nitrate, used in gunpowder or fertilizer; saltpeter.
nitpick to be excessively concerned with or critical of small details or faults.
nitrate a salt or ester containing nitric acid. [3 definitions]
nitre (chiefly British) variant of niter.
nitric of, pertaining to, containing, or derived from nitrogen.
nitric acid a colorless, volatile, highly corrosive acid with strong oxidizing properties.
nitride a compound of nitrogen and one other less electronegative element.
nitrify to oxidize into nitrous or nitric acid or a nitrite or nitrate, as by bacterial action in soil. [2 definitions]
nitrite an ester or salt of nitrous acid.
nitro- containing nitrogen. [2 definitions]
nitrobenzene a toxic liquid or crystalline compound, used to make aniline, insulating materials, and solvents.
nitrocellulose a cottonlike substance made from cellulose treated with nitric and sulfuric acids and used in plastics, explosives, and lacquers.