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northern harrier a medium-sized gray or brown hawk common in marshes in North America and Eurasia; marsh hawk.
Northern Hemisphere the half of the earth that is north of the equator.
Northern Ireland a division of the United Kingdom, on the northeast coast of the island of Ireland.
northern lights see "aurora borealis."
northern oriole a North American oriole, either the Baltimore in the East or the Bullock's in the West, the males of each subspecies having different markings in bright orange, black, and white.
Northern Rhodesia see "Rhodesia," "Zambia."
Northern Spy a large yellowish red American apple that ripens in late autumn or early winter.
North Korea a country on the eastern coast of Asia, south of Russia; Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
northland (sometimes cap.) any land or region to the north, as of a country or the world. [2 definitions]
North Macedonia a Balkan republic bordering Albania and Greece, formerly known as the Republic of Macedonia or Macedonia. The nation of North Macedonia is officially the Republic of North Macedonia.
Northman a member of one of the ancient Scandinavian peoples, esp. those who explored and colonized Great Britain, Ireland, parts of Europe, and probably the New World; Norseman.
north-northeast a point on the compass halfway between north and northeast. [2 definitions]
north-northwest a point on the compass halfway between north and northwest. [2 definitions]
North Pole the point on the earth's surface that is intersected by the northern end of the earth's rotational axis. [4 definitions]
North Sea an extension of the Atlantic Ocean between the United Kingdom and the Low Countries and Denmark.
North Star Polaris.
North Vietnam a former Southeast Asian country that occupied the northern part of Vietnam and in 1975 absorbed South Vietnam to become the reunified Vietnam.
northward toward the north. [3 definitions]
northwardly toward the north. [2 definitions]
northwest a point on the compass halfway between north and west. [4 definitions]
northwester a strong wind or storm from the northwest.