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nouvelle cuisine (sometimes cap.) contemporary French cooking that emphasizes artfully arranged fresh ingredients and uses low-calorie stock-based sauces.
Nov. abbreviation of "November," the eleventh month of the Gregorian calendar year, having thirty days.
nova a star that suddenly becomes many times brighter and then gradually, in several weeks, months, or years, returns to its original magnitude. (Cf. supernova.)
Nova Scotia a Canadian Maritime Province southeast of New Brunswick.
novel1 a relatively long work of prose fiction, usu. having a plot and characters.
novel2 new and unusual.
novelette a short novel; novella.
novelist one who writes novels.
novelistic of, pertaining to, or typical of novels.
novelize to convert into the form of a novel, as a film.
novella a short novel, often witty or satirical in its earlier forms.
novelty the quality of being strikingly new or unusual. [3 definitions]
November the eleventh month of the Gregorian calendar year, having thirty days.
novena in the Roman Catholic church, a religious observance in which prayers are said or services held for a special purpose, on nine days in a row.
novice a person with little or no experience, esp. in a work situation; beginner. [2 definitions]
novitiate the condition or period of being a novice. [3 definitions]
Novocaine trademark for a drug, procaine, used as a local anesthetic esp. during dental work.
NOW abbreviation of "National Organization for Women."
now at this moment; at present; currently. [10 definitions]
nowadays during these present times. [2 definitions]
now and again sometimes; occasionally.