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odds and ends miscellaneous items; bits and pieces; scraps.
oddsmaker a person, usu. an expert, who calculates the odds in betting.
odds-on having an even or more than even chance at winning or succeeding, as in a horserace or athletic contest.
-ode1 something that resembles (whatever is specified).
-ode2 way or path. [2 definitions]
ode a long, elaborate, usu. rhymed lyrical poem, often in praise or celebration of something or someone, and usu. in a lofty and enthusiastic style. [2 definitions]
Odin in Scandinavian mythology, the supreme god, and the god of war, death, wisdom, and poetry.
odious provoking or deserving of hatred; loathsome or repellent.
odium hatred, strong dislike, or repugnance. [3 definitions]
odometer an instrument that measures the distance traveled by a vehicle, such as is found on the dashboard of an automobile.
odonto- tooth.
odontology the science that deals with teeth and gums, and their development and care.
odor the property or quality of a thing that stimulates or is perceived by the sense of smell. [3 definitions]
odori traditional Japanese dance, or a particular set of dance movements in the traditional style.
odoriferous having or spreading an odor, esp. a pleasant or fragrant one.
odorless combined form of odor.
odorous having or giving off a distinctive or strong odor.
odour a spelling of odor used in Canada and Britain. See odor for more information.
Odysseus the protagonist of The Odyssey, known for his cleverness and persuasive oratory; Ulysses.
odyssey an extended, wandering journey of adventure or quest. [2 definitions]
OED abbreviation of "Oxford English Dictionary."