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olein the liquid triglyceride of oleic acid, occurring in most fats and oils and as the major component of olive oil. [2 definitions]
oleo an imitation butter made chiefly from vegetable oil; margarine; oleomargarine.
oleo- oil.
oleomargarine an imitation butter made chiefly from vegetable oil; margarine; oleo.
oleoresin a naturally occurring mixture of resin and an essential oil such as turpentine.
olfaction the faculty of perceiving odors; sense of smell. [2 definitions]
olfactory of, concerning, or stimulating the perception of smells. [3 definitions]
olfactory nerve either of the first pair of cranial nerves that transmit nerve impulses from the mucous membrane in the nose to the forebrain.
oligarch one of the leaders in an oligarchy, a government made up of a relatively small set of people. [2 definitions]
oligarchy a government or state in which only a relatively few people or members of a family have real power. [2 definitions]
oligo- little; few.
Oligocene of, relating to, or designating the geological epoch between the Eocene and Miocene of the Tertiary Period, from approximately 38 million to 26 million years ago, when mastodons and apes appeared. [2 definitions]
oligonucleotide a short molecule of DNA or RNA that is synthetically manufactured for research, genetic testing, or forensic analysis.
oligopoly the control of supply of a good or service in a given market by a limited number of sellers.
oligopsony the market condition that exists when the number of buyers is so small that the actions of just one of them can affect price. (Cf. duopsony, monopsony.)
olio any miscellaneous collection of elements, esp. of music, stage entertainment, writing, or food; potpourri.
olive a small green or black fruit with a pit, eaten raw or used as a source of oil. [5 definitions]
olive branch the branch of an olive tree as a token of peace, or any peace offering.
olive drab a dull olive or greenish brown color. [3 definitions]
olive green a yellowish green color; color of an unripe olive.
olive oil oil pressed from ripe olives, used esp. in cooking.