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ontology the philosophical study of existence and the nature of reality.
on top at the highest point (of something), or on the uppermost surface (esp. of something that is tall). [3 definitions]
on top of in total control. [3 definitions]
onto something having in mind a unique thought with great potential, or having invented or discovered something with great possibility.
onus an unwanted but necessary task; burden. [2 definitions]
on view in a place visible to the public; on display.
onward toward a point or position ahead, as in space or time. [2 definitions]
on welfare receiving public aid because of poverty, hardship, or need.
-onym name; word.
onyx a kind of banded multi-colored quartz, used as a semiprecious stone. [2 definitions]
oo- ovum; egg.
oocyte a cell in the earliest stage of transformation into a female egg; immature egg.
oodles (informal; sometimes used with a sing. verb) a great quantity.
oogenesis the process whereby female egg cells are produced.
oogonium a reproductive cell in some algae and fungi. [2 definitions]
ooh used to express pleasure, happy surprise, or amazement. [3 definitions]
oolite a variety of limestone made up of small spherical grains. [2 definitions]
oology the scientific study of birds' eggs.
oolong a dark tea of China and Taiwan that is partly fermented before it is dried.
oophorectomy a surgical operation involving the removal of one or both ovaries; ovariotomy.
oophoritis inflammation of one or both ovaries; ovaritis.