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opera2 a pl. of opus.
operable capable of being put into operation; functional. [2 definitions]
opéra bouffe a comic, farcical, or satirical opera.
opéra comique opera with spoken dialogue in addition to musical solos and ensembles.
opera glasses a small pair of low-power binoculars, used to get a better view of stage performers.
opera hat a man's collapsible top hat.
opera house a theater, esp. one in which operas are performed.
operant having some effect; operating. [4 definitions]
opera seria eighteenth-century Italian dramatic opera, characterized by frequent arias and classical or mythological themes.
operate to function in a correct or effective manner, as a machine. [5 definitions]
operatic characteristic of or pertaining to the opera. [3 definitions]
operating system in computing, the software that controls and manages all aspects of a computer's operation, including the execution of application programs; the functioning of computer hardware; data input and output; the timing of and allocation of resources to the execution of multiple, simultaneous tasks; the physical storage and location of data; and computer security. Users interact with the operating system though a graphical user interface.
operation the act or process of operating or functioning. [5 definitions]
operational being used or capable of being used; functional. [2 definitions]
operationalize to put into operation; make operational.
operations research the systematic mathematical or scientific analysis of an operation, policy, or process to improve its effectiveness or efficiency.
operative one who is employed in a particular kind of work, esp. in industry. [6 definitions]
operator one who controls functions, operations, or activities, as of machines or businesses. [4 definitions]
operatorless combined form of operator.
operculum in biology, an organ or organ part that serves as a lid, flap, or cover.
operetta a short light, usu. humorous opera, often with dialogue that is spoken as well as sung.