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opium poppy a Eurasian annual poppy having grayish-green leaves and bearing large white, red, pink, or purple flowers, and oily seeds, the unripe pods of which may be harvested for their opium-containing sap.
opossum any of a number of American marsupials that are active at night and live in trees. [2 definitions]
opossum shrimp a small shrimplike crustacean, the female of which carries her eggs in a pouch between the legs.
opp. abbreviation of "opposite."
opponent one who opposes; antagonist; foe.
opportune favorable or suitable, esp. in relation to time.
opportunism an act or the habitual practice of taking advantage of situations for one's own ends without considering principles or the effects on others.
opportunist one who tends to take advantage of situations to serve his or her own ends, especially without regard for others or of principles.
opportunistic seeking or taking advantage of situations to serve one's own ends, especially without regard for others or for principles.
opportunity a chance that makes something possible or that may bring about some benefit. [2 definitions]
opposable capable of being opposed or resisted. [2 definitions]
oppose to think, act, or be against; resist or obstruct. [3 definitions]
opposed not in favor of; against.
opposeless combined form of oppose.
opposite located at or on the sides opposing each other; facing. [7 definitions]
opposition the act or state of opposing, or the state of being opposed. [3 definitions]
oppress to treat harshly, brutally, or unfairly. [2 definitions]
oppressed harshly, brutally, or unfairly treated.
oppression the act of oppressing, or the condition of being oppressed. [3 definitions]
oppressive harsh, brutal, or cruel. [2 definitions]
opprobrious expressing condemnation or scorn; accusing of shameful behavior. [2 definitions]