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outgeneral to outdo or excel in commanding, managing, or functioning as a leader.
outglitter combined form of glitter.
outgo to leave far behind; outdistance. [4 definitions]
outgoing going out or leaving, as a vessel; outbound. [3 definitions]
outgrew past tense of outgrow.
outgross combined form of gross.
outgrow to grow too big or old for. [3 definitions]
outgrown past participle of outgrow.
outgrowth that which develops or results from something. [2 definitions]
outguess to accurately anticipate and forestall the actions of; outwit.
outhouse an outbuilding, often a small shed housing an outdoor toilet; privy.
outhunt combined form of hunt.
outhustle combined form of hustle.
outing a trip away from home or school, for a day or less, usu. for pleasure; excursion or field trip. [2 definitions]
out in left field (informal) a position or opinion that is untenable, unlikely, or wrong.
outintrigue combined form of intrigue.
outjump combined form of jump.
outkick combined form of kick.
outkill combined form of kill.
outland (usu. pl.) the regions far from the capital or other population concentrations; hinterland. [2 definitions]
outlander a person from a different area; foreigner; alien.