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outintrigue combined form of intrigue.
outjump combined form of jump.
outkick combined form of kick.
outkill combined form of kill.
outland (usu. pl.) the regions far from the capital or other population concentrations; hinterland. [2 definitions]
outlander a person from a different area; foreigner; alien.
outlandish strikingly unusual, odd, or bizarre.
outlast to last or live longer than.
outlaw one whose activities repeatedly violate the law; habitual criminal. [5 definitions]
outlay the spending of money, or an amount spent. [2 definitions]
outleap combined form of leap.
outlearn combined form of learn.
outlet an opening through which something is released or allowed to escape; vent. [5 definitions]
outlier any person or thing that exists beyond its ordinary place or beyond a larger group or mass of which it is a part.
outline a line or shape marking the boundaries of a figure or object. [5 definitions]
outlive to live or last longer than; outlast. [2 definitions]
outlook future prospect. [3 definitions]
out loud loudly enough to be heard; not silently; aloud.
outlying away from the center or hub; distant or out-of-the-way.
outman to be greater in number of men; outnumber.
outmaneuver to gain an advantage over, by clever maneuvering. [2 definitions]